Client Version 1.3 (Old)

  • New playable character: Bronya
  • New maps & enemies.
  • New System: Enchantment:
    • Increasing max Lvl through enchantment with a "+1" item from the same category.
    • Increasing skill lvl through enchantment with an item with the same skill.
  • New System: Daily Task, you can get various reward by finish tasks, such as STA, crystals and Exp.
  • New Equipment: including V Combat sets, total 57 new equipments, obtainable via story stage
  • Equipment statistic changes:
    • Double the bloodsuck effect of skill 'VampCurse' and 'BTBlade', lower the load cost
    • Increase 10% chance and effect range on Sif's Hatred
    • Increase urd's hp, from 2631 to 3034
    • Increase Lord of Death's hp, from 3040 to 3420
    • Modify the Trigger conditions for BR shooter, from 25% hp to 30%hp

Client Version 1.2 (Old)

  • Guild System.
  • New biweekly event boss - Bronya.
  • New equipment.
  • Some adjustment in game:
    • The supplies won't drop out of screenshot in the new version
    • The meow stage will drop at least 3 meows each time
    • The max character level will increase to 230
    • The score of tower will refresh each week
    • Improve the tutorials 
  • Equipment statistic changes:
    • Increase Thunder50 10% attack,
    • Increase ThunderG4 Auto Rifle 15% attack,
    • Increase MS99 Autocannons 40 initial attack,
    • Increase M4A1 Carbine 5% damage, recover 2.5% ammo every 3s