The Settings is a place where player can configures how will the game perform when certain selection is chosen.

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You can change your nickname unlimited times and you can have a same nickname as other

A player can check or uncheck the mark of the four(4) options. Making the switch to the right and shows blue color means ON and switch to the left and shows gray color means OFF.

Blood : Set the effect appear when the player or enemies receives damages(On:blood/Off:flowers).

HD Quality : Displays the game in better resolution(mainly has no changes to the game).
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Terms of Service

High Frames :Sets the frequency of processing of consecutive images (frames) as high.

Full STA Notification : Gives you a notification if you reached full STA.

There are also three (3) sliders that player can select how loud or soft the sound a selected item is.

Sound effect : Every sound effects in the game, for example the "click" sound when any option is tapped, battle sound effects such as gunshots, pick up items, when player/enemies get hits, and the VICTORY music.

BGM : Back-Ground Music, music that is played in every location in the game.

Character Voice : Set whether the main characters will speak, example during battles.
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Clear Data

Nickname : Player can change the IGN to a new one. There are unlimited tries for changing IGN.

Account Settings : Displays the player's facebook ID when it binded. It is shown in 15 numbers.

Details : Player can read the Term of Service there.

Clear Cache : Clears the cache of the application. There is a prompt that will show when you tap it. It looks like this.