Raiden Mei
Raiden Mei
Main Character

Increase max HP by 100.


Senba High Sophomore


Has black long silky hair, her hair is partially tied in a ponytail by a purplish blue/ dark blue lavender bow with small polkadots.


Likes Kiana Kaslana.

Mei is an obtainable character of Guns Girl - School Day Z. She is voiced by :

  • Miyuki Sawashiro(JP).
  • Chiwa Saito(JP).
  • TetraCalyx(CN).


During the Apocalypse, she was affected by the source energy and nearly lost herself. She was saved by her underclassman and then friend, Kiana Kaslana, just in time.

Official Description

Raiden Mei is the daughter and future successor of a famous company CEO. The company went bankrupt right before the Apocalypse due to a financial crisis and Mei is greatly affected which made her into how she is now.

  • Birthday : April 13
  • Age : 17
  • Height : 167cm
  • Weight : 50kg
  • Three Sizes : 89-62-90cm


She prefers to distance herself from others and pretends to be cold and cruel to protect herself. In truth, she doesn't like to be alone and wishes for a friend.

In-game Statistics

  • Character Growth (Raiden Mei must be obtained through the gacha or reach vip level 4).


Attacks : 

  • Stepping in Mei's horizontal line of sight will cause her to shoot a projectile at the player character.
  • Getting too close to Mei will cause her to use a melee attack at the character. ”Leave me alone, hentai !" However, this attack won't be used successively. Instead, it will alternate between her normal projectile attack and melee.
  • Mei can also create an electroball barrier, which will keep moving without necessarily chasing the player character.
  • Every now and then, Mei will summon and intense rain of lightning strikes.

Tips : 

  • Most of her attacks can stun you for a short period of time, so avoid getting hit.
  • Moving back and forth behind Mei prevents her hits from landing on the player easily
  • Mei is still affected by all forms of status effects (except for Polymorph and time stop), which means you can use movement altering status effects to your advantage.

Electro Magnetic Set

This set is drop from Mei Weekly Boss. They have stun relate ability. Defeating may reward the players with the following:

  • Super Railgun
  • Super EM Shotgun
  • Cationic Sniper Rifle
  • Super EM S Bomb
  • Super EM Uniform
  • StaticShock