• Ammo Box - restore 8% of ammunition for all weapon
  • Medkit Box - heal 20% of max char hp
  • Mystery Equip Box - contain random item, appeared on pause screen (exception for Time Limited Challenge)
  • Special Power Up (after update 1.5)
    • Bike - temporary increase character movement speed
    • O-yoroi (Samurai Armor) - temporary critical attack
    • Sashimono (Samurai Flag) - temporary infinity ammo
    • Bathtub - fully recover your health and ammo
    • Telephone - summon buddy with more period of time, still be able to call buddy in normal way later
    • Magic Crest - temporary unable use your weapons, but gives you the bouncing skill and bounces instantly the enemies away very often


recharged every 10 minutes

double STA

formula for (sta max = 30):

double_sta = double_sta_max-(sta_used/5)