Equip set is set of equip that associate each other, in either by appearance, ability, or set icon. In this case, I will choose set by Set Icon, an icon appear to the right of equip name.

List of Set

Icon Set name Association
Anilia/Nighmare set Drop from Anilia boss, purchase from Nightmare Shop. All equip in set have appearance referred to Black Death date back to 1346. Include plague doctor which appear in black death event.
Bloodline/Rurutiaza Set Can be found in Bloodline Gacha, available only in Bloody Nightwish Event.
Assassin Except from icon set, no association found.
Brynhildr set
Brynhildr set All equip is this set can be acquire only from Weekly Boss Himiko and some can only found in Gacha. It utilize uniform debuff to create special effect from weapon.
Apocalypse Acquired from Gold Gacha. This set possess unusually powerful weapon. Also contain less equip than other set.
Chinese Mythology Not exactly a mythology, its equip base on chinese culture. It offer variable damage.
CrimsonHell set
CrimsonHell set Indirect drop from Sakura World Boss. Their blueprint can be purchase with ruby. They're perfectly base on Japanese culture. They utilize PinkFire stack debuff which increase their damage output.
Detective set
Detective set It currently base on Sherlock Holmes story. Which include Watcon (Sidekick).
Devil angel
Devil/Angel They contain most powerful weapon yet hard to acquired. They can be obtain from Gold Cacha. They have most variable doll and currently have most powerful doll in game.
Diva set
Diva set They base on Idol group. They utilize life gained ability, healing isn't problem for them. But they lack of power.
Extra deadly
Extra Deadly They have some <Character Choice> and are considered as Character Choice instead. They have access to most powerful attack yet hard to met those requirement.
Familiar This contain all Familiar. For their name and any other. Go to Familiar page.
Firefly set
Firefly/Kaguya set This set is utilize firefly as method of both defensive and offensive. They have somewhat unreliable defense and variable offense. They can be manually control rather than random.
Holy set
Holy set This set is drop from Theresa Weekly Boss. They tend to immobilize zombie, increase damage output and decrease damage received. They base on Christian culture.
Inspecter set
Inspector set This set is drop from Kelvin Weekly Boss. They have frozen relate ability. They have no culture relate to.
Mist phantom
Mist Phantom This set is indirect drop from Chole World Boss. They utilize mist as both offensive and defensive. They base on Phantom of the Opera.
Otherworld set
Otherworld They have inverse version of normal world equip. Such as decrease ammo capability but increase critical chance.
Pirate They're base on On Piece
Scout They have power increased badge and sacrificial weapon. Tend to have high damage but have to sacrifice a little to a lot of HP.
Seele set
Seele set They have unique "Combine Junction" ability which increase its power and ammo according to other equip in use. They also have access to ammo changing badge and multi-form deploying weapon.
Sivalier They utilize poison damage instead of normal, physical damage. They also have "Nerve Poison" ability.
Star circle
Strange circle
V-set They have "Weapon buff" ability which increase its type damage. Such as Shotgun buff.
Bullet Gear They're beginner item
Norse Mythology They have most equip in all set. They have variable damage and type, unlike other set. They also have all 7 stars equip in game (Ver.3.4)
Plank set Name after Max Planck. They utilize blackhole as offensive method and easily offset one hit kill from lower damage enemy with their uniform.
BR set Contain debuff weapon. They tend to have connection with Katatachi set.
Olympus Mythology They have most powerful badges. Have ability to increase their weapon type to fullest. They have high ground for both offense and defense. But they lack of they own weapon.
Summoner/Spirit set Thy're drop from Palefox Weekly Boss. They can transform zombies into allies.
Katatachi set Contain debuff weapon. They tend to have connection with BR set.
Super EM set They're drop from Mei Weekly Boss. They have high stun rate and can constantly put enemy to hold in matter or time.
Candy House set They're drop from Candy Land.