Crystal is a type of virtual(or in game) currency that can be used in various locations in the game. By using them player can progress the game with less difficulty.

Main Usage

The crystals can be used in :

  • Battles : when player's HP reaches 0(defeated), player can choose to continue battle by spending 60 crystals.
  • Enlarge storage : if player needs more spaces/slots to store the equips, they can choose to expand the storage limit. 50 crystals for each 5 slots.
  • Gacha : player can get various types of equips from the Gacha by spending crystals. Read more about here.
  • Create Guild : player can create their very own guild by spending some crystals.

Acquire Crystals

The crystal can be get from different locations in the game, such as :

  • Completing stages : there is stages that will give crystals if the player able to beat it, especially BOSS stages, those stages can be found in the story mode or event, and they can only acquired ONCE.
  • Completing Tasks and Achievements : some tasks or achievements will give out some crystals when player fulfilled the conditions.
  • Daily login : login for a certain days will give the player crystals.
  • Purchasing : spend real money to buy crystals. Different price gives different amount of crystals.
  • Flash/ mini game: there is a rare chance that the mini/ flash game will drop 50 crystals.