The Ally gives you a list of your buddies that you either accepted or the person you requested to be your buddy.


Screenshot 2017-06-29-20-50-01

Buddies section and the sort types

The Ally is a list of buddies you either accepted or the ones who added you. The purpose of the Ally is to help you to look for the active buddies, their level and to be able to manage the buddies you have. By tapping the one of your buddies, you can see their ID, details (or the build your buddy currently using), and delete buddy button which removes your buddy to the list. Reaching certain VIP level can help you expand your buddy slots.

Screenshot 2017-06-29-20-50-24

Raiden as a buddy and the selection. It shows ID at lower right corner

The list can be sorted in four ways. And they are:
  • Default (Based on the VIP level, starting from VIP 15 up to no VIP)
  • Level (Highest to Lowest)
  • Time (based on the time they added you as a buddy)
  • Strength (Highest to Lowest depending on the build they are using)

In addition, Raiden (or the GM's account) with an ID of 30000001, is present forever as your buddy and you can't remove Raiden for being a buddy. But you can only use Raiden as a buddy if there is an event that permits to use Raiden as a buddy.